I've been working with Lori for four months and I've spent my life looking for this secret recipe for managing my emotional eating coping mechanism.  I thought because I was already involved in somatic experiencing, I thought I could handle it.  That didn't happen. Until Lori provided the way of bite-size chunks and resources, nestled between your two sessions per week that changed everything.

- Marcia

I've been sitting where you are for a long time...I had a disordered relationship with food since I was 9 years old. I've tried everything, including two nationally rated programs. This is the only program in 40 years to address the integration of the nervous system that I desperately needed. I've released 75 pounds. I am extremely grateful.

- Anne

I was here you are a few months ago. I tend to be a skeptical person who has a lot of knowledge but wasn't able to incorporate that knowledge.It was all in my head but I couldn't integrate it. There is something different when someone, like Lori, comes along to integrate it.

- Patricia

Here’s What Others Have Said About the Freedom Program and Working with Lori

The Freedom program has literally saved my life.

Prior to beginning Freedom, I was in a low point in my life. I was 68 years old, retired and weighed the most I ever had. I was falling a lot and needed to begin using a walker full time just to get around the house. My house was a mess. I had no confidence in myself, I was stressed about everyone and everything. My life was at a standstill, going nowhere fast.

I had in some ways almost become a hermit, not wanting to go anywhere or do anything outside my home, afraid of what people would think of this old fat lady. In many ways I think I was waiting to die.

Fast forward to today. What a change in my life and way of thinking about myself.

Since beginning the Freedom program, I have learned more about who I really am, and I like myself so much more than I had my entire life.  I have changed from being a sad lady who never did anything other watch TV and eat into a vibrant woman who now trust herself to make big decisions and take charge of her life.  I now realize how things early in my life, that I didn’t ever remember, has impacted how I feel about myself and others.

My mind set has completely turned around. I trust myself and know that I am worth a lot.   I go out with friends and on my own without any concern about what others may think.

It’s like I have become a different person. The person who I was always meant to be but never had the faith in myself to become.  Well, here I am and my life is just beginning.  Thank you, Lori and Freedom for giving me myself back.

- Nancy T.

I registered for Freedom because of my lifelong quest (50+ years) of reaching a healthier body weight. I wanted to learn the skills of how to get there without fad diets (been there – done that - hundreds of times), and how to stay there through positive habit change. The program and especially Lori Montry opened my eyes to why this goal has been unachievable for me – unhealed and unprocessed trauma resulting in my nervous system being “stuck” and in “survival mode”.  Lori has a vast number of tools (somatic exercises, parts work, mindfulness and meditation) in her toolbelt and worked with me through the program as well as one-on-one to “unpeel the onion” of my trauma and what was holding me back. Hint – it all started with childhood trauma and escalated from there.  Lori is a compassionate teacher who works with her student/client at the level they are at. She is encouraging, supportive and beyond knowledgeable in this work.

- Judy R.

“Lori Montry is a passionate facilitator who genuinely cares about the progress of her clients. She is gifted with a loving heart, intuitive vision, and practical intelligence. She is consistently present and fully engaged in the live sessions. Her educational materials are well produced, organized and easy to comprehend. What I love most about the Freedom Program, is that it provides a safe and nurturing environment in which I can release my misconceptions and self-hatred. The program encourages compassionate self-acceptance and loving self-care as I move toward my goals of self-improvement. This is not a diet program. It is a program that provides you with all the needed tools to create a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, tailored to the specific needs of each individual. I have been profoundly inspired and impacted by Lori and her program. Thank you so much Lori!” Ana S.

There is something very special in what you have created and share with your clients. I am so proud of myself for recognizing I deserve this chance and happy I took this leap of faith to trust you and your process in this journey. Thank you!

- Patricia H.

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